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Why web design and SEO
is the best investment opportunity for
Oshawa businesses?

We make you 10X better than your competitors in Oshawa

A great website in Oshawa not only enables your business to showcase and reach potential customers, but also helps them gain a competitive advantage, especially when the branding, content and design are beautifull and practical.

You Do Not Have Many Giant Competitors

Although the quality of websites in Oshawa has improved significantly in recent years, you still have to compete with at most ten businesses in most industries who take their online presence seriously.

Large Market and Search Volume

80% of people search online for a product or service before purchasing. If you become popular in Oshawa, you can simply become a 7-figure business in one or two years.

Gain Credibility and Trust Fast

Do not rely on word of mouth that takes 10 years to make you well-known in your area. Invest in your website and SEO, and you’ll be the Trusted Go-to Brand in Oshawa in one year.

A great design does not need an explaination

We offer the homepage design before any payments, if you love it then we sign the contract. Here are our recent web design projects:

Our process

We do not just design websites,
We build revenue growth machines.

You are about to become 10X better than your competitors in Oshawa

Competitor Research

To evaluate the market in which you operate, you must conduct competitor research. With more businesses opening every day, the need to set yourself apart from the competition has never been higher - and you'll only be able to do so if you know what the competition is doing. We examine and investigate your Oshawa competitors' branding, design, content, and customer journey. Our goal is to make you 10X better than your competitors.

Web design tailored to your brand and audience in Oshawa

Modern and Clean Unique Design

The look and design of your website is the most important fact you should consider. When money is tight and cuts must be made, especially in small businesses in Oshawa, the creative design budget is frequently the first to suffer. However if you want to build a legitimate business with high profit margins, a professional design is the best long-term investment you can do for your business growth.

Here are 7 reasons why it’s worth investing in professional UI/UX design for your website:

  1. Creates a memorable brand
  2. Sets you apart from your competitors
  3. Increase website conversions and sales
  4. Build credibility, professionalism, and trust
  5. Make your first impression the best way
  6. Communicates effectively with your audience
  7. You invest one time, you enjoy the rewards for years

Design Process

1. Discovery

In our discovery session, we will discuss your website’s goals and timeline.

We’ll collaborate to ensure we can brand your site in a way that attracts new customers.

2. Home Design

After discovery period, you get a beautiful demo design in 1 week

You can sign the contract after you love the design of the home page.

3. Final Design

If you love the demo design, we then continue to design the rest of the pages.

We finalize a beautiful site design quickly and efficiently to make you money.

Responsive and Mobile Friendly Design

Almost 60% of internet users access the web solely via their smartphones. Responsive web design react to the size of a user’s device screen size and adjust the layout, text and images size. Also, a responsive web design is a must if you want to rank for Google results.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

Conversion rate is the percentage of users who do a particular task (buy a product or service, contact us). For example, if your website aims to sell a product, and 5 out of 100 visitors buy the product, the conversion rate of your website is 5%. There are many websites that although they have a large number of visitors, they have very low sales. Increasing the conversion rate reduces your advertising costs.

Cutting edge technology website

Website Development

To provide the best experience and performance for your customers, we implement the website with the most recent and finest technologies available. Every website is designed exclusively for your brand, requirements, and goals. We create your website using the best programming languages based on your needs and goals.

For most of the local businesses in Oshawa web design is done by Webflow as its fast, beautiful and easy to update.

For more complex websites which requires extenstive functionalities we use PHP/Nodejs for backend development, and React as our primary front-end web design technologies.